Membership Stages

Application Process

We accept membership applications online throughout the year.

You can apply as early as age 55 but you must be 60 years or older to be a member. 

To apply you must complete the online application form, enter 3 recent scores from regulation-sized courses and then pay the one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50 as soon as possible either through an e-transfer or by cheque through the mail so that it’s received within 7 working days.

Your name will be added to the Waitlist if:

    • Your application form is completed in full (with the 3 required scores)
    • Your fee is received within 7 working days

If you wish to join the Club there are some things you need to know.

The Waitlist

Once you apply and pay your application fee you will secure a numbered spot on the list. Once on the waitlist, there is no annual fee.

The Waitlist has 2 tiers:

    • Positions 1 through 60 (Top 60)
    • Positions 61 and greater

Waitlist Positions 61 and Greater

After your membership application has been submitted and accepted with your one-time, non-refundable, $50 application fee, 3 recent scores from regulation size courses, and you have met all membership criteria, your name will be placed on our Waiting List.

The Waitlist is kept strictly in the order that applications and fees are received.

Wait time is determined by how many regular member spots open up each season, how many waitlist applicants are accepted and how many waitlist applicants drop off the list each year. We typically take in 10 to 15 new members each season.

Waitlist Top 60

    • Once your position on the Waitlist rises to within the Top 60, your application fee will provide you with an ID and password for our Club Portal.
    • You must use the Portal to load all scores from other regulation size courses to help build your handicap index. A minimum of 5 scores are required each season. If you fail to do so, you will be removed from the waitlist.
    • With restrictions, and when space allows, waitlist applicants within the Top 60 can sign up for our weekly games on Wednesday.
    • Also, applicants within the Top 60 can use the Portal to sign up for any of our 6 Away Games or the 2 Invitationals we hold each season.
    • You are required to play at least one game with the Club to demonstrate your ability to play a regulation-sized golf course within 4.5 hours. Contact the Club Captain to arrange your Pace of Play game.

Prospective New Members
Each year membership spots become available. Applicants at the top of the waitlist are invited to join as Prospective New Members (PNMs).

PNMs are required to pay a reduced annual membership fee and to play at least 12 regular, Wednesday games each season. PNMs can sign up to play on any Wednesday but cannot compete for prizes in any of the Club’s Major Trophy Tournaments (Club Championship, Age Group Championships, Spring and Fall Handicaps, Charter Members Memorial Cup, Match Play, Putting Contest, Air Canada Trophy). However, they are eligible for other weekly prizes. PNM membership is probationary.

In their first year, Propective New Members are assigned a “Buddy” from the Board of Directors. This ensures that PNMs are welcomed to the club and that any questions they might have are answered.

As regular member positions become available PNMs may be invited to join as Regular Members.

Regular Member
Regular Members are required to pay a one-time $35 initiation fee and to pay their annual membership fee each year. Regular Members are expected to:

      • play at least 12 Wednesday morning games at Burnaby Mountain each season,
      • take on volunteer duties,
      • attend the Spring Luncheon
      • attend the Annual General Meeting as a voting member
      • optionally compete in all competitions including the Club Championship.

There are two other special membership designations:

Associate Member
Regular Members who no longer wish to play golf regularly can choose to maintain their affiliation with the Club through an Associate Membership. If they wish, an Associate Member can play golf 5 times each year on any Wednesday when space allows.

Life Membership
A Life member is a Regular or Associate member who has reached the age of eighty (80) years and has ten (10) or more consecutive years of membership in the Club and has fulfilled their volunteer commitment to the Club.