Golfing Program

Regular Games

Our golfing season runs from the beginning of March through to the end of October. We play golf every Wednesday morning at the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.

Away Games

We also offer an Away Game program which usually consists of 6 games played at other courses in the Lower Mainland. Away Games occur once a month on a Monday Morning. Waitlist Applicants and Prospective New Members are welcome to join us at our Away Games.

From its beginning, the Club has strived to provide its members with interesting competitions for each week.  Most weeks a prize is awarded to the winner of an individual low net, a long drive or a closest to the pin. Prestigious trophies such as the Club Championship are also contested each season.

Several team competitions are scheduled throughout the year such as two ball foursomes and four ball scrambles. These popular events have been in the schedule almost since the Club was formed. Other events include Nassaus, Lone Ranger, Match Play, Spring and Fall Handicap Tournaments, Stableford and more.

Wednesday Morning at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course
Each year we dedicate one event to a Prostate Cancer Fundraiser and also support Junior Golf in the city of Burnaby

Members are also required to enter their scores into the Club Portal from rounds played on other courses.


Sample Competition Schedule

    • Low Net & KPs by Flights
    • Waitlist Invitational Four Man Shamble
    • President’s Cup Team Play & KPs by Flights
    • Nassau
    • Red, White and Blue Low Net & KPs by Flights
    • Lone Ranger
    • Match Play (no fee) & KPs by Flights
    • 1st Away Game Riverway
    • Start Eclectic (Ringer Board) for the month
    • Air Canada Trophy Age 70+ as of event date
    • Tee Box Step Back (Burnaby Mountain Shuffle) Low Gross by teams
    • 2nd Away Game Mayfair Lakes
    • Match Play + Low Net
    • Age Group Competition # 1 – Long Drive by Age Group
    • Spring Handicap # 1 & KPs by Flights
    • Spring Handicap # 2 & KPs by Flights
    • Low Net & KPs by Flights
    • 3rd Away Game Pagoda Ridge
    • Age Group Competition # 2 – Long Drive by Age Group
    • Strike Three You Win
    • Canada Day Tournament “Red Tee Event” KPs by Flights
    • Prostate Cancer Fundraiser; Low Net and runner-up winners; KPs by flight;
    • Low Net by Flights & Putting Contest
    • 4th Away Game Meadow Gardens
    • Age Group Competition # 3 – Long Drive by Age Group
    • Club and Flights Championship # 1 – KPs by Flights
    • Club and Flights Championship # 2 – KPs by Flights
    • Club and Flights Championship # 3 – KPs by Flights
    • Charter Members Memorial; KPs by Flights
    • 5th Away Game Redwoods
    • Age Group Championship and LN & Long Drive by Age
    • Low Net & KPs by Flight
    • Kensington Par 3 Tournament
    • Fall Handicap # 1 & KPs by Flights
    • Fall Handicap # 2 & KPs by Flights
    • 6th Away Game University Golf Club
    • President vs. Captain (Four ball team Match Play)
    • Better Ball (better score)
    • Waitlist Invitational – Canada Foursome
    • Low Net & KPs by Flights
    • Annual General Meeting