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Please Note

Applications are temporarily suspended while we review membership for the 2021 season.

Before filling out the application form (located at the bottom of this page) please read the following instructions.

Basic Requirements to Join

There are 5 membership criteria:

  1. Age: You must be at least 57 years old to apply and over 60 years old to join as a Regular Member.
  2. Attendance: You must be able to golf at least 12 games per season (at Burnaby Mountain) when invited to join, possibly within 2 – 3 years from date of your application. You may play as a Prospective New Member at age 59.
  3. Handicap: Once you have been accepted to the Waitlist you will be given an ID and password to access our online Club Portal. You must use the Portal to build a handicap and you must have an established handicap before joining as a Prospective New Member. You can record scores from any game played at any regulation size golf course.
  4. Max Handicap: You must be able to play to a maximum handicap of 35, by Golf Canada Rules of Golf.
  5. Pace of Play: You must demonstrate a good pace of play (less than 4½ hours) by playing at least one game with the club while on the Waitlist. You can play either an Away Game or one of the Waitlist Invitationals. Pace of play is extremely important in our club.

3 Steps to Membership

Waitlist: The Waitlist is kept strictly in the order that your application fee is paid. Once your application is received, acknowledged and you have paid your $25 application fee, you will be placed on the Waitlist and given signin privileges for our Club Portal. The $25 non-refundable application fee will be used to pay for your use of the Club Portal. You can use the Portal to sign up for any or all of our 6 Away Games and 2 Waitlist Invitationals. You can also drop in on Wednesday mornings at Burnaby Mountain and play if space is available. These games provide an opportunity to meet club members.

While on the Waitlist you are required to play at least one game with a representative of the club to validate your Pace of Play indicating that you are capable of playing a round of golf within 4 hours and 30 minutes. You will be required to contact the Club Captain to arrange your Pace of Play game. There is no annual fee for Waitlist applicants.

Prospective New Member (PNM): Golfers from the top of the Waitlist, who have met all the criteria, are invited to become PNM’s each year assuming you have an established handicap and have played at least one round of golf with the club to fulfill your Pace-of-Play requirement. If you do not accept the invitation your application for membership will be cancelled. If you wish to re-apply you must submit a new application. If approved, your name will be placed at the bottom of the Waitlist. PNM’s pay an annual fee of $90, must commit to playing at least 12 games and meet all of the membership obligations to be eligible for full membership the following year. PNM’s may sign-up for Wednesday games 5 days prior, on Friday morning. PNMs can compete for weekly prizes (but not for major tournament prizes).

Regular Member (RM): RM’s are required to play a minimum of 12 games per year and the current annual dues are $115, plus a $35 initiation fee in your first year. When you are offered regular membership you must accept, and commit to playing regularly, or resign. RM’s may sign up for club games 10 days prior, 5 days ahead of PNM’s. They are entitled to all club privileges which include weekly prizes, tournament competitions and attendance at our AGM Luncheon.

Membership Obligations

Good Fellowship
Good Sportsmanship
Good Competitive Golf
Good Pace of Play
Good Participation

Application Form
Please Note

Applications are temporarily suspended while we review membership for the 2021 season.